PVP: 45,04€

Bar Harness

Weight : 390g
Dimensions : 33 x 33 cm

The Bar Harness is intended for use in combination with a Bar Drybag (8 or 16 litres), but can be used for other bags or packs.

A pair of spacers ensure a secure attachment to the handlebars, so you don't have to worry about levers and bowdens. Straps with velcro ensure simplicity, and safety straps with buckles ensure reliability of attachment.

The main material is Nylon 6.6 , supplemented with HDPE plate and duralumin reinforcement to ensure strength.

Stressed seams are insured by the so-calledBartack stitch (zigzag), all threads used are Polyester with a large fiber diameter for maximum strength

A Bar Bag can be attached to the harness  and thus increase the total usable volume on the handlebars.

Bar Drybag is not included in the package.

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